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Musical Possibilities For You! ! !
Parties:  Lively music for your engagement!  Options include solo piano, piano with vocal accompaniment, or combo combinations.  Styles include Rock, Pop, Blues, Light Jazz, Country Crossover, and Electronic. For example, ask about light jazz Christmas party music that includes works by Vince Giraldi.  Combo options include duo, trio, or whole band format: saxophonist, female vocalist, bass, and drums or the combination you'd prefer best. 
Weddings:  Just the right music for your indoor or outdoor wedding!  Prelude music as people arrive, during the ceremony, as well as during the bridal photo-shoot interlude to entertain guests... and also for those special dances at the reception.  Here also, solo, duo, trio and the whole band options are available.
Special Performances:  Richard can write original sound track music to fit the perfect mood for your video presentation, movie, or theater project.  Your soundtrack can include piano, organ, string-section, flute, guitar, oboe, organ, drums, etc... and combinations.  Music can be created from a variety of musical styles ranging from a classical feel to a more contemporary animated pop presentation, to electronic, or your ideas! 
Studio Work:  In his studio, Richard can record your songs while accompanying you, or record just you doing your own performance.  In a casual no-pressure studio you can do several takes or variations and refine your sound.  You get to keep the final recordings for your special project, or just for fun.  Studio work helps performers hear themselves and improve.  You can build confidence while having fun.  With multi track work, you can even harmonize along with yourself!  
And Etc...:  Let's talk about your special project ideas.  Richard is always up for a new creative challenge.


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Blue River Soul

Some years back Richard helped organize the Blue River Soul Band with his colleagues.  Karen Meeks is a beautiful soulful singer and talented personable entertainer.  She loves to engage with audiences and help them feel the love.  Ted Di Cola is seriously proficient on alto and tenor saxophones.  But he doesn't stop there, he also plays flute and clarinet to add those special musical touches to those classic songs we all love.  Chris Minnich is the band's right-on-the-beat drummer, and he keeps the band in the groove and also ads vocal harmonies for that cool blend sound we all love to hear.  We are frequently joined by Andy Seal on the electric and acoustic basses.  Andy has an exceptional ear and his artistic style keeps the room feeling the beat and enjoying the party.   Rich Findlay is the second lead vocal as he adds rhythmic and lead keyboard blends to mix.  Rich loves to add in horns, flute, guitar, oboes, saxes.... you name it... to keep the sound fresh and entertaining.  He also holds down those piano and organ textures that audiences love to hear.  All together, the musicians of Blue River Soul create a unique blend of musicality that keeps the party exceptionally fun.  The band is commonly asked:  "Where are you playing next???....We've got to come and see you again!"  

Music for the soul

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